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Pumpkin Carnage

Well as it's the season to massacre poor innocent vegetables, I thought I'd offer a few tips on taking decent pumpkin shots.
pumpkin with an axe in its head
1) Get it on manual The camera will want to compensate for the darkness around the pumpkin and make the picture too bright or the candlelight and make everything else too dark. You want to get a nice middle ground so my advice would be to try and adjust your camera while looking at something that is close to the pumpkin (the table perhaps) but not actually on the pumpkin itself. This might mean you have to go with using a very slow shutter speed so...
pumpkin on a bottle more traditional pumpkin
2) Get the tripod out Slow shutter speed means wobbliness. Use a tripod and the self timer (so the camera doesn't shake when you hit the shutter) or a remote if you have one.
pumpkin being sick
3) Put away the flash
It'll never look as good as just using the light from the candles.
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