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Following a small registry office wedding, the real Bangladeshi wedding took place at Soutwark Town Hall.
The traditions where the bride and groom are kept seperate at first and the groom isn't allowed in until he's produced a large enough dowry were great to be a part of (even if it did involve rather a lot of struggling to get through the huge crowd of guests).
This was a great day.
Brides room Wedding place setting Ice sculpture at wedding reception Brides room Bangladeshi bride arriving Bangladeshi bride arriving close up Dancing bridesmaids at the reception Decorated door to the reception groomsman at the door groom at the door to wedding reception wedding dowry negotiations wedding dowry negotiations wedding contract discussions wedding contract discussions groom's party at the table wedding guest in a sari wedding cake bride arriving bride and groom together Bangladeshi wedding ceremony Bangladeshi wedding ceremony Bangladeshi wedding ceremony Bride walking down the stairs with bridesmaids Groom leaving with his father bride leaving with her bridesmaids bride hugging her bridesmaids bride and groom in limo ready to leave
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